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Welcome to Lochiel Estate

What does one do in retirement? Play golf? Travel? Live at the beach?

The Cameron’s decided to do all three with an extra, more time consuming activity – growing and making wines in Mangawhai Heads. In the year 2000 we started looking for a unique piece of land that could produce world class wine as well as be a beautiful place to live. We found it just inland from Mangawhai Heads in the foothills of the Brynderwyn Ranges on King Rd. This idyllic spot fills both requirements.

Son Rob, who studied viticulture and oenology in 1998 at Lincoln, fed the ‘boutique winery ‘notion until 7 years later we produced our first wines. Rob would enthusiastically report that ……’it won’t be too much work’!

The Cameron family draw their roots from the Highlands of Scotland hence our name ‘LOCHIEL’. Lochiel is the home all Cameron’s claim as their heritage and so we felt it fitting to recognise from whence we came.

The beautiful clutch of 5 arrows is synonymous with the clan and is not as many people believe, a symbol of warring prowess and aggression but actually symbolizes the uniting of the 5 families of the clan that were historically separated  by the geography of the highlands. The arrows represent unity and strength and the belief that the family works better as one. On that premise, the Cameron family have all participated to create this small estate of which we are all very proud.

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